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A visa is an official stamp on your passport that allows you to visit, work or study in that country for a specified period of time. All countries, including the United States, require work permit visas for foreign workers; Employers won’t hire you without one.

For some countries, short-term work permit visas are available upon request. In other cases, such as long-term employment, foreign workers will need to apply for a visa on your behalf. The Student Work Exchange Program can legally help students obtain a short-term work permit visa. These unpaid internships and volunteer positions may or may not require a work permit, depending on the laws of the host country.

It’s always a good idea to consider whether you’ll need a visa, especially if you’re traveling for purposes other than tourism. Check visa requirements for specific countries by checking with the embassy or consulate of the country you will be visiting. Contact information for embassies and diplomatic missions can be found on the United States Department of State’s website listing foreign embassies or the United States Department of State’s national information. The Perry International Visa Requirements database can assist in determining what type of visa is required, if any, based on the traveler’s purpose for travel and country of citizenship.

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